About Us
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Zagotti & Burdette CPA, LLC is a customer centric accounting services company that prides itself on providing our clients with gold-standard services by leveraging our resources with technology. As a customer service centric company, our strengths lies in the talent and experience of our people. Our people possess various professional designations coupled with years of experience in big 4 public accounting and private industries.

We serve businesses in various industries as well as individuals throughout the US. Our clients’ needs vary from basic bookkeeping and tax services to IT implementation.

While some of our clients contact us for services ranging from basic bookkeeping and tax services to IT implementation, some of our other clients come to us for assistance in negotiating with various taxing authorities.

Whatever your needs might be, our firm can provide a custom-fit solutions.


Our Vision

Vision Statement:

To be the go to, gold standard resource for all accounting and financial needs.

Mission Statements:

  • To provide services in an honest, cost effective and efficient manner.
  • To provide services that adds value to our clients operations.
  • To make our clients better off through the use of our services.
  • To provide our clients with the tools and information necessary to be competitive in the market place.

Values to live by:

  • To act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business.
  • To always remember that our success depends on our clients’ success.
  • To treat employees with dignity and respect while allowing for their individual professional growth as situations present themselves.

Zagotti & Burdette CPA, LLC is registered with the State of Texas Board of Public Accountancy and peer reviewed annually. The Peer Review Program is dedicated to enhancing the quality of accounting, auditing, and attestation services performed by member firm.

Partner Profiles

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Partner – Phillip Zagotti Partner – Ashley Burdette