FreshBooks is a great alternative for entrepreneurs who do not have a need for a full blown accounting system. Perfect for lawyers, accountants, consultants and other service based professionals; FreshBooks focuses on time tracking, invoicing and expense tracking to allow business owners to profitably manage projects and create professional looking invoices.

Perfect for entrepreneurs on the go, FreshBooks is a web based accounting system which means that you can access your data from a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection. This also means that there is no software to download.  As a result, you always have the latest version of the software at your fingertips and your data is backed up and safe.

Take a look at the video below to see FreshBooks in action!

Getting set up is fast, easy and the user screens are straight forward meaning that non-accountants can learn to use the system with minimal training required.  The system also comes with standard reports so you can track you financials and efficiently collect on outstanding invoices.  You can even start accepting credit cards through FreshBooks allowing customers to pay directly from their invoice.

Because FreshBooks is not a full functioning accounting system it is not a good fit for companies with inventory, fixed assets or a need to manage payables and reconcile bank accounts within the accounting system. But if you only have a few clients and don’t have the need for all the bells and whistles that come with a full accounting system this might be the system for you.

To try it out for yourself click here for a free, no credit card required, 30 day trial.

Zagotti & Burdette is proud to be a FreshBooks Certified Advisors company.

If you have any question about FreshBooks or need help deciding which accounting system is right for you we can help. Call (832) 800-3347 today to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your business, your plans and what accounting systems might be right for you.