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The practice of law is an art. The management of your law practice, that’s more of a science.  With the evolution of easy-to-use, cloud-based legal practice management software, it’s all about having the right tools and using them correctly.

That is why Zagotti & Burdette CPAs became certified consultants of CosmoLex, a state-of-the-art law practice management software. It’s the right tool because it’s the only tool that includes complete law firm accounting (business & trust accounting) along with billing, calendaring, task management, all in one login. The convenience of cloud-based practice management makes it much easier to stay in control of all your case work. Adding accounting into the mix now puts you in total control of your firm’s P&L so you can make the right decisions (in real time) that can make or break a small law firm.  Which means CosmoLex eliminates the cost and hassle of having an accounting system and a practice management system 

But don’t take our word for it.  Watch the video below to see Cosmolex in action. 



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