Free or Low Cost Inventory Management Software
Posted on October 5th, 2014 in General Interest

You may think you have to pay bags of money to set up your inventory system.

But keep in mind, your inventory system is a personal decision as you are the end user!

Your system could be an excel spreadsheet or it could be $10K software system with barcode scanner and all kinds of other add-ons.There is no one right answer!

Before you dive into setting up your “inventory system”, let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

1. Why am I trying to set up an inventory system?

Is it because you’re tired of calculating cost of good solds at year end or is it because you want to know where your inventory is at all time?

Depending on your answer to this question #1, you may be able to implement simpler periodic inventory system or more complicated but instantaneous perpetual real-time inventory system.

2. Is there a program or process out there that would suit my needs?

Not every system or software is created equal. Software packages have unique focuses. For example, POS Maid is point of sale system focus and Fishbowl is manufacturing and complicated inventory build focus. You have to figure out what your focus is and find product that matches that.

3. How does the software fit into my lifestyle?

Inventory system is not picking a pair of black pumps that would go with anything. Inventory system set up is more like picking a perfect little black dress (LBD we call it). There is a lot of thoughts and consideration that goes into picking out this thing.

Do you like the system? can you handle the complicated side of this system?

Yes, you can hire someone to know all of this at some point, but let’s be serious here small businesses just starting our don’t have this luxury.

Now, you’re ready to choose one. Please use the link below.

If you have any additional questions, please call us!

Top 4 Best Free or Low Cost Inventory Management Software

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