Happy National Ice Cream Day!
Posted on July 20th, 2014 in General Interest

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Ice Cream

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It is a day to celebrate all that frozen goodness that we cannot live without in summer. And while there are some who prefer sherbet over ice cream, and there are some who swear by frozen yogurt, we agree it is all good. Once you’re in, you’re in for good. We cannot even give it up under pressure of wearing bikinis!

In the honor of National Ice Cream Day, we had to find out what kinds of tax laws are out there surrounding frozen goodness. Yes, the joy in our voice that you sense is over sales tax as much as it’s over ice cream.

Did you know that not all ice cream products are taxed same? You probably thought that all food products were tax free and “ice cream = essential food group”, thus tax free. Right?

But no, the cold truth is that not all ice cream is created equal and not all ice cream is taxed the same.

Here is the scoop: if you are taking the ice cream home to share with your family, tax free. If you’re just going to buy one and eat it right then, taxable.

For example, if you buy a pint or larger of Rocky Road to share with your family from the grocery store, it would be tax free. But if you buy just one ice cream sandwich to eat while you’re shopping, it will be taxable.

2 exceptions to that rule though. If you’re at ice cream parlor, it will be taxable whether you share it or not. And If you like Popsicle, we are sorry to burst your bubble but favorite Popsicle will be always taxable unless it’s made with 50 percent or more milk.

So lesson learned on National Ice Cream Day? Take some ice cream home today and sprinkle your family with love while saving money on tax.

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