IRS Installment Agreement
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Do you have a tax bill you cannot pay right away?

More people owe money to the IRS than any other creditor in the US!

Millions of people owe taxes to the IRS that they cannot pay. The IRS sends millions of letters every year to taxpayers demanding payment, threating to file liens and levies, and contacting employers.

People generally let these IRS problems fester longer than they should because they don’t know where to start.

If ignored, the IRS will place liens on your property, freeze your bank accounts, and / or garnish wages. This situation causes stress, embarrassment, and financial problems in other areas of your life.

There is a solution

Under IRS rules 26 U.S. Code § 6159 – ‘Agreements for Payment of Tax Liability in Installments’, the IRS allows taxpayers to pay their tax liabilities in installments over an extended period of time. IRS Installment Agreements can vary in complexity depending on the amount outstanding and period of time the taxpayer is requesting.  One requirement in all installment agreements is that the taxpayer must file all their outstanding tax returns.

Unfortunately, installment agreements are not straight forward for taxpayers. The rules are tricky and the calculations can be complex. You need to know various types of installment agreements, how the minimum payments are calculated, and what possible unintended consequences come with filing installment agreements. As a result taxpayers routinely enter into installment agreements that actually increase their total tax balance and needlessly extend the period of time for collections actions.

We understand that you want a fast and straight forward answer to your IRS tax debt. But before filing any agreement with the IRS, it is imperative to look at all your options including offer and compromise, tax insolvency, bankruptcy, and collection statutes.

Act now to stop IRS collections and end the stress!

Zagotti & Burdette has experience dealing with IRS Installment Agreements. We have had success in working with clients to match them with the right IRS repayment option based on their personal financial situation.

Call Zagotti & Burdette today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specific facts and circumstances in your case and get an honest opinion to see if an IRS Installment Agreement request is the right option for you.