Tax Resolution

IRS Tax Controversy

If you on this page it is probably because you currently have a tax issues.  While some tax problems are easily handled with a call to the IRS others might require professional help.

Zagotti & Burdette has resolved a variety of state and federal tax issues for clients throughout the US. Weather you just received a audit letter or you have not filed taxes for years the CPAs at Zagotti and Burdette can help you resolve your tax issues.

The good news is that we are usually able to resolve tax issues administratively without ever having to result to tax court and our clients almost never have to meet with or talk to the IRS.

Unfortunately, IRS problems never resolve themselves on their own, but they can be fixed when you make the call.

Our tax controversy services include:

    • Delinquent Returns – This issue must be resolved because the IRS will not process a payment plan or an offer and compromise until the tax payer has filed prior years returns
      • Resolving IRS Debt
          • IRS Payment Plans – If you have an outstanding tax debt you cannot pay immediately don’t stress we can help you file a payment plan. For smaller debts submitting a payment plan can be easy but for larger balances the IRS requires a lot more information.
          • Offer and Compromise – If a tax debt is impossible to pay due to hardships the IRS may allow a payoff for less than the amount owed. Offer and Compromises are more difficult to get because the IRS is not giving money away contrary to what you might see on late night TV.
      • Leans and levies – If the IRS has frozen you bank account you must act quickly to free your bank account from the IRS. Similarly, if the IRS is garnishing your wages you want to resolve the issue now and stop the excessive payroll withdraws from your check and the continued embarrassment that your company is now involved in your tax matter. Leans, levies and garnishment of wages can be managed and stopped.
  • IRS Audits – Audits are never fun. If the audit is complex and there is a lot at stake, then you need experience representation.
  • Innocent Spouse Requests – The public has major misconception about this complex program. As a result, most people fail when they try to do this themselves.

Zagotti and Burdette has years of experience dealing with the IRS in personal and business tax defense cases. As a result, we understand how the IRS thinks, what the IRS wants and how the IRS wants to see a tax issue resolved.  This knowledge is essential, allowing us to deal with your tax issues in an effective / efficient manner.

Tax resolution is the key to ending your worries!!

Call (832) 800-3347 today to schedule a free consultation.  Our friendly staff is professional, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you in making your IRS problems go away today.