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Has a Divorce left you with a BIG IRS problem?

Finances are the leading cause of stress in relationships and a major cause of divorce.

Getting a divorce does not totally protect you from the years of bad decisions your spouse made.

This is especially true for lingering tax debts that result from those joint tax returns that you and your spouse filed together.

With divorce in the background you have a tax debt that you had no part in creating and that your former spouse may not want or might not be able to pay. The IRS will look to you for the full payment of the tax owed as the co-signer on the tax return.

There is an option.

Under the Innocent Spouse Relief Act (ISRA) the IRS allows tax payers to make a request to the IRS to sever their liability from the spouse’s tax debts.

An Innocent Spouse Relief Request is not like filing a personal tax return.

An innocent spouse relief request is scrutinized by the IRS. They look to the specific facts and circumstances of each request to determine if relief should be granted.  If the IRS believes relief should be grated the IRS will alert your spouse and allow them time to appeal the initial decision.  In our experience the former spouse usually appeals the innocent spouse relief request.  As a result, the innocent spouse request will go to appeals where each side will have the opportunity to submit arguments and facts to an IRS appeals officer about why relief should be granted or denied.

Innocent spouse relief requests are very adversarial, and most tax preparers lack the knowledge, experience or personality to effectively represent their client under these conditions.

Act now to protect your financial future.

Zagotti & Burdette has experience dealing with innocent spouse relief request. We have had success in getting tax relief for innocent spouses in even the most contentious divorces.

Call Zagotti & Burdette today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specific facts and circumstances in your case and get an honest easement to see if an innocent spouse relief request is the right option for you.