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Are you years behind in filing your tax returns?

Life can take unexpected turns and cause people to overlook important things like filing tax returns. Many times this is made worse due to the loss of financial records that naturally occur over the passage of time, divorce and relocation.

After life settles down, you may face the scary challenge of reconstructing financial records and coming clean to the IRS and state taxing authorities. Until these unfiled tax returns are taken care of, you may find yourself having trouble getting home loans, car loans and event renting apartments.

There is still a solution!

The good news is that the IRS understands that there are many people with multiple years of unfiled tax returns the IRS may allow the taxpayer to file tax returns for fewer years then are outstanding.

The bad news is that many times that IRS has been searching for past due tax payers and contacting the IRS to see how many years they will want can trigger collections activities before you are ready to confront it.

Following our process can make a big difference.

Zagotti & Burdette has years of forensic accounting and tax experience. Our experience in diverse tax situations make us uniquely qualified to guide taxpayers through the process of working with the IRS and reconstructing financial data to resolve the issue.

In the event that our client owes money to the IRS we will examine all options including payment plans, offer in compromise, tax insolvency, bankruptcy, and collection status adjustments.

Call Zagotti & Burdette today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specific facts and circumstances in your case and get an honest opinion to see what option is right for you.